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Hooke Control Kits™

To control for effects of adjuvant components in Hooke Emulsion Kits™

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Hooke Control Kits™ are identical to the corresponding Hooke Emulsion Kits™, except that they contain no specific antigens.

Supplied in pre-filled syringes, ready to use.

Hooke Control Kits™ enable distinction between responses induced by adjuvant vs. those induced by a specific antigen. This distinction is important in the study of immune response mechanisms.

Our emulsions are carefully made and pre-filled into syringes, ready to use, to reduce time needed to set up experiments.

Pre-filled syringes are prepared under aseptic conditions and delivered in sterilized plastic bags for easy disinfection before introduction into your mouse facility.

The adjuvant components of Hooke Emulsion Kits™ typically induce immune responses including skin inflammation, enlargement of spleen, and increase in cytokine production. These effects result from the adjuvant component of the kit, not the specific antigen component.

Hooke Control Kits™ are intended as controls for adjuvant-induced responses.

Hooke Control Kit™ selection guide

Choose the Hooke Control Kit™ that corresponds to the Hooke Emulsion Kit™ to be used. Each Hooke Control Kit™ contains no specific antigen, but is otherwise identical to the associated Hooke Emulsion Kit™.

  Hooke Control Kit™   Hooke Control Kit™
Emulsion Kit™
(full size)1 (half size)2
Cat # Price Cat # Price Description (full size kit) SDS (pdf)
EK-0111CK-0111$ 246CK-5111$ 185CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0120CK-0120$ 246CK-5120$ 185CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0130CK-0130$ 202CK-5130$ 152CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0132CK-0132$ 202CK-5132$ 152CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0133CK-0133$ 202CK-5133$ 152CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0210CK-0210$ 156CK-5210$ 117CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0211CK-0211$ 151CK-5211$ 113IFA emulsionSDS
EK-0220CK-0220$ 156CK-5220$ 117CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0221CK-0221$ 151CK-5221$ 113IFA emulsionSDS
EK-0230CK-0230$ 246CK-5230$ 185CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0301CK-0301$ 202CK-5301$ 152CFA emulsionSDS
EK-0311CK-0311$ 191CK-5311$ 143IFA emulsionSDS
EK-2110CK-2110$ 299CK-7110$ 224CFA emulsion, PTX in glycerolEmulsionPTX
EK-2120CK-2120$ 299CK-7120$ 224CFA emulsion, PTX in glycerolEmulsionPTX
EK-2160CK-2160$ 299CK-7160$ 224CFA emulsion, PTX in glycerolEmulsionPTX
EK-3110CK-3110$ 202CK-8110$ 152CFA emulsionSDS

1 A full size kit contains the same quantity of emulsion as the corresponding Hooke Emulsion Kit™.

2 A half size kit contains half that amount; suitable for smaller control groups.

These kits can be customized for a small additional charge. Contact us at or with your requirements.


Use the protocol recommended for the associated Hooke Emulsion Kit™.

Detailed contents

The contents of each Hooke Control Kit™ are identical to the contents of the associated Hooke Emulsion Kit™, except that Hooke Control Kits™ contain no specific antigen.

Storage & stability

Stable for 20 days when stored at 2–4 °C.
Do not freeze.