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OVA323-339/CFA Emulsion

For immunization of mice

Supplied in pre-filled syringes, ready to use.

Immune response is usually evaluated 7 to 14 days after immunization.

Properly prepared emulsions are critical for reliable immunization. Our emulsions are carefully made and pre-filled into syringes, ready to use, to reduce time needed to set up experiments.

Pre-filled syringes are prepared under aseptic conditions and delivered in sterilized plastic bags for easy disinfection before introduction into your mouse facility.

Cat # Hooke Kit™ Strain Description Size Price
(first kit)
Price (each
add'l kit)
EK-0132 OVA323-339/CFA Emulsion BALB/c, D011.10 TCR transgenic, C57BL/6, OT-II TCR transgenic Emulsion in syringes 10 to 20 mice $ 440 $ 374

This kit can be customized for a small additional charge. Contact us at or with your requirements.


Cytokine Production Induced By T Cell Recall Response In Vitro

Detailed contents

Each kit provides sufficient emulsion for 10 to 20 mice, depending on dose.

Antigen is chicken ovalbumin peptide (323-339).

Qty Description
3 Syringes, pre-filled with 0.7 mL OVA323-339/CFA emulsion
~ 1 mg OVA323-339/mL emulsion
~ 1 mg killed mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra/mL emulsion
1 Data sheet: Recommended experimental protocol

Storage & stability

Stable for 20 days when stored at 2–4 °C.
Do not freeze.


Robertson JM, Jensen PE, Evavold BD, J Immunol 164:4706 (2000)
Sette A et al, Nature 328:395 (1987)
Scott CA et al, Immunity 8:319 (1998)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

OVA323-339/CFA Emulsion (PDF)

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