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MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion PTX 3.75X

For EAE induction by active immunization in C57BL/6 mice


Replaced by Hooke Kit™ MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion PTX
(cat. no. EK-2160), effective October 2012.

This product has been discontinued and replaced. This page is for historical reference only.

All customers are encouraged to switch to the latest products for this application.
There are no advantages to the discontinued product.

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Supplied in pre-filled syringes, ready to use.

EAE will develop in 90-100% of mice within 8 to 14 days, with mean maximum score of 3.0 to 3.5. Each lot is tested and individually adjusted to ensure consistent disease induction.

On Day 0, MOG1-125/CFA emulsion and pertussis toxin are injected.
On Day 1, a second dose of pertussis toxin is injected.

Properly prepared emulsions are critical for reliable induction of many autoimmune disease models. Our emulsions are carefully made and pre-filled into syringes, ready to use, to reduce time needed to set up experiments.

Lot-to-lot reagent variations can cause dramatic changes in severity of induced autoimmune disease. The consistent potency of pre-characterized Hooke Kits™ eliminates time-consuming testing.

Pre-filled syringes are prepared under aseptic conditions and delivered in sterilized plastic bags for easy disinfection before introduction into your mouse facility.

Cat # Hooke Kit™ Strain PTX dose Description Size Price
(first kit)
Price (each
add'l kit)
EK-0162 MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion PTX 2.5X C57BL/6 2.5x Emulsion, PTX in
pre-filled syringes
EK-0164 MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion PTX 3.75X C57BL/6 3.75x Emulsion, PTX in
pre-filled syringes

These kits can be customized for a small additional charge. Contact us at or with your requirements.

Product selection (IMPORTANT)

Many factors – including mouse age, strain, breeder, and colony – influence EAE disease susceptibility and the pertussis toxin (PTX) dose required. Even with identical mice and reagents, EAE disease can vary considerably from lab to lab.

Due to the high cost of reagents in these products, we do not offer free samples of MOG1-125 Hooke Emulsion Kits™.

Instead, we recommend that customers titrate EAE development using our MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX Hooke Kits™ and then select a MOG1-125 Hooke Kit™ based on the results as follows:

Best EAE development
with MOG35-55
MOG1-125 Hooke Kit™
EK-0110 or EK-0112 EK-0162
EK-0114 or EK-0115 EK-0164

Please contact us for information about sample ordering for this purpose.

With a given Hooke Kit™, older mice generally develop more severe disease and more uniform disease onset.


EAE Induction by Active Immunization in C57BL/6 Mice

Detailed contents

Each kit provides sufficient reagents for 10 mice.

Antigen is human recombinant myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (1-125) (MOG1-125).

Qty Description
2 1 mL syringes, pre-filled with human recombinant MOG1-125/CFA emulsion
~ 0.5 mg MOG1-125/mL emulsion
~ 2 mg killed mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra/mL emulsion
2 1 mL syringes, pre-filled with pertussis toxin in phosphate buffered saline (PBS)
~ 1–6 µg pertussis toxin/mL of PBS
1 Data sheet: Recommended experimental protocol, typical results

Typical results

Results graph

EAE induction in C57BL/6 mice

Protocol: EAE Induction by Active Immunization in C57BL/6 Mice

Data are from three independent experiments using Hooke Kit™ MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX (EK-0110), with Taconic mice.

Similar results are obtained using other MOG35-55/CFA Emulsion PTX Hooke Kits™, and with MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion PTX Hooke Kits™, using the recommended protocol.

Exp # Mice/group Age at
Mean maximum
score ± SD
Day of onset
± SD
1 10 10 weeks 3.25 ± 0.49 10.9 ± 3.9 100 %
2 10 10 weeks 3.45 ± 0.60 10.1 ± 1.5 100 %
3 8 9 weeks 3.25 ± 0.38 12.1 ± 1.6 100 %

Storage & stability

Stable for 20 days when stored at 2–4 °C.
Do not freeze.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion (PDF)

Pertussis Toxin in PBS (PDF)

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