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[Ser140]-PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion

For immunization of SJL mice


Replaced by Hooke Kit™ [Ser140]-PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion PTX
(cat. no. EK-0120), effective April 2020.

Since 2013, this emulsion has been identical to [Ser140]-PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion (EK-0120). It was offered under two catalog numbers only for customer convenience in ordering.

Supplied in pre-filled syringes, ready to use.

Immune response is usually evaluated 10 to 14 days after immunization by looking at [Ser140]-PLP139-151-specific proliferation and cytokine production of the draining lymph nodes and spleen cells.

Each lot is tested and individually adjusted to ensure consistent immunization.

Properly prepared emulsions are critical for reliable immunization. Our emulsions are carefully made and pre-filled into syringes, ready to use, to reduce time needed to set up experiments.

Pre-filled syringes are prepared under aseptic conditions and delivered in sterilized plastic bags for easy disinfection before introduction into your mouse facility.

Cat # Hooke Kit™ Strain Description Size Price
(first kit)
Price (each
add'l kit)
EK-0122 [Ser140]-PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion SJL Emulsion in syringes 10 mice DISCONTINUED

This kit can be customized for a small additional charge. Contact us at or with your requirements.


Adoptive Transfer EAE in SJL Mice
Cytokine Production Induced By T Cell Recall Response In Vitro
Immunization of Mice for Generation of Encephalitogenic T Cells

Detailed contents

Each kit provides sufficient emulsion for 10 mice.

Antigen is myelin proteolipid protein 139-151 ([Ser140]-PLP139-151), sequence HSLGKWLGHPDKF.

Qty Description
3 Syringes, pre-filled with 0.7 mL [Ser140]-PLP139-151/CFA emulsion
~ 1 mg [Ser140]-PLP139-151/CFA emulsion
~ 1 mg killed mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra/mL emulsion
1 Data sheet: Recommended experimental protocol

Storage & stability

Stable for 20 days when stored at 2–4 °C.
Do not freeze.

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

[Ser140]-PLP139-151/CFA Emulsion (PDF)

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