EK-2160 lot notice

Effective December 2021, we have decided to offer MOG1-125/CFA Emulsion PTX (cat. no. EK-2160) on a special order basis. The price is $1518 for the first kit and $1213 each for additional kits in the same order. (The cost of whole MOG1-125 makes these kits, unfortunately, rather expensive.)

However, we are unsatisfied with the EAE development that results from our currently available product and therefore recommend that customers do not buy this product and instead wait until we have a better lot.

The potency of reagents used to manufacture our kits vary from lot to lot; we extensively test each new lot in vivo to adjust reagent doses for consistent and reliable EAE induction. Hooke has spent more than 7 months (at this writing) testing reagents for this kit, but we have been unable to achieve our usual standards for EAE development - with our current lot we see 10 to 30% lower MMS than with previous lots of this product, and 80 to 90% EAE incidence (vs. the usual 90 to 100%). This does not meet our criteria for a passable lot. We are still testing other lots of reagents in vivo and hope to be able to resume normal sales soon (likely months).

We do understand that some customers need to complete papers, PhDs, or prepare grant applications and cannot wait. We think the quality of our current product is still likely better than what customers can prepare by themselves. If you prefer the kits we have available now rather than waiting further, we will sell kits from this imperfect lot. The prices above are discounted by 20% to reflect a lower quality of product (our suppliers are not giving us any discount on the reagents).

We appreciate your understanding. Please let us know if you need further clarification.