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MOG35-55 in TC media

For in vitro restimulation of MOG35-55-specific T cells

Supplied in vials

Consistently induces in vitro recall responses of T cells isolated from MOG35-55/CFA-immunized mice

Induces potent encephalitogenic T cells in vitro when used with IL-12 and anti-interferon-gamma (anti-IFN-γ) antibodies

MOG35-55 in TC media is used in vitro to generate encephalitogenic T cells or to evaluate cellular immune responses.

Encephalitogenic cells are generated by culturing splenocytes from immunized mice for 72 hours in the presence of 20 µg/mL of antigen. To generate encephalitogenic cells from immunized C57B/6 mice, IL-12 and anti-IFNγ antibodies are added to the culture.

Cat # Product Description Size SDS
DS-0111 MOG35-55 in TC media Peptide in tissue culture media 2 mg in 1 mL SDS $ 165


Adoptive Transfer EAE in C57BL/6 Mice
Cytokine Production Induced by T Cell Recall Response In Vitro

Detailed contents

Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein 35-55 (MOG35-55) rat, mouse
2 mg in 1 mL of tissue culture media (10% fetal bovine serum in RPMI 1640)
Supplied in vials, ready to use

Storage & stability

Stable 3 months (from time of purchase) when stored at -20 °C or one year when stored at -80 °C.
Limit the number of freeze-thaw cycles. Aliquot if using for more than one experiment.


Marusic S et al, J Exp Med 202:841 (2005)
Thakker P et al, J Immunol 178:2589 (2007)

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

MOG35-55 in TC media (PDF)

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